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East Bergholt High School

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Students at East Bergholt High School enjoy very good levels of attendance. Over recent years, average student attendance has been around 94%.  Levels of full attendance are rewarded through the school's student rewards schemes to celebrate these successes.

Parents play an integral role in supporting the school in its promotion of high standards in the areas of attendance and punctuality. There is a high correlation between good school attendance and good student achievement. A child who misses two weeks of school each year, loses roughly one term of education during the years of compulsory schooling therefore families are discouraged from taking holidays during term time. Authorisation is usually declined unless in the most exceptional circumstances. All requests for absence during term time for any reason must be made in writing to the Headteacher using the form below.

The school operates a first day call for student absences and low levels of attendance and punctuality are challenged using a variety of strategies including referrals for Penalty Notices, Fast Track procedures and involvement of the Education Welfare Service. The School has a dedicated Attendance Officer. If a student is going to be absent from school please email attendance@ebhigh.org.ukor phone: 01206 298200 option 1.

Students wishing to participate in sport/performances requiring absence from school must gain appropriate authorisation using this form.