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Food Technology

In Food Technology we have high expectations for food education as part of the School Food Plan to ensure effective access for all students to learning, skills development and achievement in food modern culinary arts and hospitality.  Our teaching reflects the changes in government guidelines for healthier eating and the employment opportunities available to students in the catering and hospitality sector. 

Key Stage Three

Students will progress through approximately 20 x 1 hour lessons which after their core introductory lessons follows a routine of theory, followed by practical lessons.

The main areas studied in Year 7 are: 

Food and personal hygiene


Basic knife skills


Eatwell guide


Introduction to food science

Working with high risk ingredients

Developing recipes

The main areas studied in Year 8 are:

Presentation techniques

Dietary requirements

Foods from different cultures

Spices types of sauces

Composite dishes


The main areas studied in Year 9 are:

Extended knife skills

Food preservation

Food science investigation

Fats and oils

Quality and consistency in food preparation

Pasta making

Pastry making

Nutritional analysis


Key Stage Four

The Food department offers two routes into KS4:
OCR GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition Units studied;

Food preparation skills

Food nutrition and health

Food science

Food choice

Food provenance

Examination format;

Year 11

Food investigation task 15%

Food preparation task 35%

Examination 50%


Visiting professional chefs offer masterclasses and insights for both courses into ingredients and techniques to enhance both KS4 food courses. There are also ever increasing links with industry and further education; for example: A trip to Milsoms in Dedham, A visit from an Environmental officer, a visit from Royal Navy chefs,  a visit from the chefs at the Lion Braisserie in East Bergholt village and a trip to the Colchester Institute catering department.



Mr Felgate - Teacher of Design and Technology & Food Technology

Mrs Baldwin - Teacher of Food Technology

Mrs R. Dean - Technician 


Revision links/recommendations




My Revision Notes: OCR GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition (MRN) can be found here

WJEC/EDUQAS Level 1/2 Hospitality and catering
Units studied;

Unit 1: 

The hospitality and catering industry (Y10)

LO1: Understand the environment in which hospitality and catering providers operate

LO2: Understand how hospitality and catering provisions operate

LO3: Understand how hospitality and catering provision meets health and safety requirements

LO4: How can food cause ill health

LO5: Be able to propose a hospitality and catering provision to meet specific requirements

Unit 2: Hospitality and catering in action (Y11)

LO1: Understand the importance of nutrition when planning menus

LO2: Understand menu planning

LO3: Be able to cook dishes

Examination format;


Unit 1: The hospitality and catering industry (on-screen examination) 40% 

Unit 2: Hospitality and catering in action  
(NEA assignment) 60%(Unit 1 retake opportunity in Y11)

Revision links/recommendations

The Revision Guide: My Revision Notes: WJEC Level 1/2 Vocational Award in Hospitality and Catering can be found by following this link.