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The Academic Curriculum


Curriculum Statement

At East Bergholt High School, we believe that every student should have access to a curriculum that provides them with the opportunity for growth, encouraging creativity and imagination. We aim to:

  • Offer a broad, balanced and accessible curriculum that gives students experience in a number of different disciplines.
  • Provide a wealth of knowledge that is a well-sequenced narrative over time, enabling students to develop core skills.
  • Challenge students of all abilities, thereby helping them to be the ‘best they can be’.

In order for us to achieve this, we regularly ask staff to consider two vital curriculum questions: Why that? Why then? Our curriculum is ever evolving, and staff are proactive within their faculty areas in developing a curriculum that meets the needs of the students that attend East Bergholt High School.

When our students progress onto the next stage of their education, our aim is that our curriculum will have enabled them to:

  • Be academically successful.
  • Have acquired the necessary foundation of knowledge to be confident adults.
  • Be prepared for greater independence.
  • Demonstrate their employability in a variety of sectors.
  • Use their experiences to enable them to be life-long learners.
  • Induct themselves into wider society.


Students begin the East Bergholt curriculum before they start with us in Year 7: we work tirelessly with primary colleagues throughout the transition period at the end of Year 6 to ensure a smooth integration into school life. Students in Years 7-9 have access to a curriculum that allows them to build upon their prior learning at Key Stage 2, as well as providing them with a secure foundation for later study. Our timetable in Key Stage 3  is broad and accessible to all students, ensuring we are fully compliant with our duties in the Equality Act (2010). It enables students to study English, Maths, Science, P.E, Geography, History, Religious Studies, Computer Studies, MFL, PSHE, Technology, Art, Music, and Drama. Students also follow a registration curriculum involving work on Careers Information Advice & Guidance.

In Key Stage 4, all students follow a core curriculum of English, Maths, Science (Triple or Combined), and P.E. Students then select from the following option subjects: Art, Business Studies, Business and Enterprise, Computing, Creative iMedia, Drama, Food Preparation, French, Geography, German, Graphics, History, Hospitality and Catering, Music, P.E (GCSE), Religious Studies, Resistant Materials, and Sociology. PSHE and Work-Related learning are led and delivered by form tutors. We also create a yearly bespoke curriculum for students who may have additional needs to ensure the curriculum remains fully accessible as per the SEND Regulations (2014).  

However, we recognise at East Bergholt that learning is not limited to the classroom. We therefore offer students a vast programme of learning outside of the core curriculum through regular clubs, trips, and opportunities to build a stronger community. These extra-curricular offers complement our academic timetable, and have become an integral part of what makes us unique. 


Curriculum Model



A copy of our prospectus can be found here.