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Early Help


Early help or early intervention means to identify a child or young person who may benefit from support to prevent an escalation of any potential issues.

According to the NSPCC, signs that a child or young person may benefit from early help include:

  • Displaying disruptive or anti-social behaviour
  • Being bullied or bullying others
  • Having poor attendance at school
  • Being involved in, or at risk of, offending
  • Having poor general health
  • Having anxiety, depression or other mental health issues
  • Misusing drugs or alcohol
  • Having a particularly challenging relationship with parents or appearing to be unusually independent from their parents
  • Experiencing difficulties at home, such as domestic abuse, parental substance abuse or parental mental health problems

The NSPCC goes on to explain that some groups of children may be more likely to need early help than their peers. These include children who:

  • Have been excluded from school
  • Have special educational needs
  • Are disabled
  • Are in care
  • Are leaving or preparing to leave care
  • Are young carers
  • Are young parents (or about to become young parents)
  • Are experiencing housing issues

At East Bergholt High School we have many offers of early help within the school and liaise with external agencies to provide more specialist support where the need is identified.  A list of the school’s early help offer can be found by clicking the following link


East Bergholt High School - Early Help Offer

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