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Sexual Abuse

Sexual Abuse (including Child on Child Abuse)

The findings of Ofsted’s review into sexual abuse in schools and colleges were published in June 2021 and bring a stark reminder to us that our children are forced to grow up faster than any generation before them.  Ofsted have challenged schools to review their safeguarding procedures so that young people are empowered to report sexual abuse.  It is also vital that schools fully cover relationships, sex and health education, inlcuding sexual abuse, cyber bullying, pornogrophy, healthy relationships and consent.  We have recently reviewed our RHSE but are committed to continually improve coverage across the curriculum.

The report found that the scale of the problem was far larger than school leaders were aware.  900 Students from 32 schools reported high levels of the following behaviours.

Non-contact forms, but face-to-face:

  • sexist name-calling (92%)
  • rumours about their sexual activity (81%)
  • unwanted or inappropriate comments of a sexual nature (80%)

Non-contact forms, online or on social media:

  • being sent pictures or videos they did not want to see (88%)
  • being put under pressure to provide sexual images of themselves (80%)
  • having pictures or videos that they sent being shared more widely without their knowledge or consent (73%)
  • being photographed or videoed without their knowledge or consent (59%)
  • having pictures or videos of themselves that they did not know about being circulated (51%)

Contact forms:

  • sexual assault of any kind (79%)
  • feeling pressured to do sexual things that they did not want to (68%)
  • unwanted touching (64%)

Figures that include all child sexual abuse cases show that the police recorded over 83,000 child sexual abuse offences (including obscene publications) in the year ending March 2020; an increase of 267% since 2013.  This is simply unacceptable.

Recommendations include schools maintaining an ‘it could happen here’ approach to sexual abuse, which is certainly the view we will continue to take. We are committed to building a culture that embeds our value of kindness when it comes to respect, healthy relationships and consent.  We also plan to engage students to discuss different forms of harmful sexual behaviour.  

Any form of sexual abuse will not be tolerated at East Bergholt High School.  Should you or your child wish to report any safeguarding concerns, now or in the future, please email myconcern@ebhigh.org.uk.

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