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A scientist is not a person who gives the right answers; they are someone who asks the right questions.

Claude Levi-Strauss


From the beginnings of mankind, human beings are born with a deep-seated curiosity to question the world around us. Science seeks to foster this curiosity through two of the most important questions ever asked – how and why. Science aims to develop and challenge our understanding in three ways: gaining knowledge; gaining skills and finding solutions to the problems presented by the world around us. Through the commonality of unravelling mysteries, Science provides the glue that brings cultures, countries and generations together through developing a common language by which we interpret the world. 

By development of models, ideas and theories over hundreds of years, Science at its core is a quest for answers. Through fostering our natural curiosity, Science provides an aura of fascination of the how and the why that encourages deeper thinking and challenges our core beliefs on a daily basis. Using experimentation to test theories, Science encourages the evolution of thought from solving problems to providing solutions to some of the world’s biggest challenges.  

Our goal of educators of Science is simple; to encourage the next generation to grasp the knowledge developed by those that came before us, and provide innovation to push mankind forward for the betterment of all.

The Science Department Long Term Plan is available here

All Yr7 Medium Term Plans can be found below:

 All Yr8 Medium Term Plans can be found below: 

All Yr9 Medium Term Plans can be found below:


Mr J. McMillan - Leader of Science

Ms C. Bright - Teacher of Science and Year Leader

Ms C. Howe - Teacher of Science

Mrs K. Sheehan - Teacher of Science

Mrs S. Shoesmith-Dean - Teacher of Science

Miss C. Stopher - Teacher of Science

Mrs V. Whiddett - Teacher of Science ( Leader KS3 )

Mr M. Wilshaw - Teacher of Science and Year Leader

Mrs J. Duncan - Technician

Miss A. Goulborn - Technician


Online tutoring curriculum

Further Information on KS4

The link to the KS4 Combined Science specification can be found here

The links to the KS4 Triple Science specifications can be found here, here and here