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Music is the ‘soundtrack’ to our lives

Dick Clark


Music provides a ‘soundtrack’ to our lives and collective memories; it has a unique power to connect us as a common language. Music can enhance cultural awareness and celebration of the heritage of countries across the world, building respect and tolerance and breaking down barriers. It develops understanding of history through appreciation of its role and development through time. Music enriches self-expression and collective expression, promoting well-being and giving an outlet to the innate human desire to create.

Performing and creating music develops self-expression, creativity, evaluation, communication and problem-solving skills, as well as providing opportunities to collaborate and cooperate with others. With this it teaches us discipline to persevere when practicing skills to improve the outcome of success.  Music is a powerful tool in supporting good mental health and emotional expression, and there is strong evidence that music can aid brain development, elevate our mood and motivation, reduce stress and improve focus. The study of music is universal and does not judge someone's background or experience but provides opportunities to come together and be part of one language.

By giving a place for people of all abilities to enjoy and achieve, music can foster a sense of pride and belonging, which are vital for positive relationships and self-esteem, building resilience and confidence. Participation in musical experiences can develop valuable transferable skills as well as forming the foundation for a lifelong interest.


The Music Long Term Plan is available here

The Autumn Music Medium Term Plans for KS 3 are available by clicking on the Year groups below.

Year 7

Year 8

Year 9


Mr M. Austen - Head of Music

Mr McGlone - Teacher of Music

Mr D. Woodward - Peforming Arts technician

Instrumental staff


Drum Kit - Mr D Sceats

Guitar - Mr A Pike

Piano - Mrs T Bishop

Strings - Mr J Acton

Voice - Ms M Addison

Woodwind - Ms J Morris

Details of music clubs can be found on our clubs page here.