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The Humanities Faculty comprises of the following subjects: Philisophy and Ethics, Geography and History at both Key Stage 3 and GCSE; we also offer Sociology at GCSE.  Our aim within the Humanities Faculty seeks to provide students with opportunities to explore in greater depth the ways in which people have helped to shape their world.  We use a variety of approaches to learning which include individual study, group and collaborative activities, games and simulations. We encourage students to take an active part in the learning process and develop lifelong skills of investigative study.  At KS3, all students follow a common syllabus with discrete lessons in History, Geography and B&E.  Students are taught in mixed-ability tutor groups throughout Key Stage 3 and in mixed-ability option groups at GCSE. 

All the Humanities subjects are popular choices at GCSE. In addition to the five 60 minute of contact time per fortnight, many staff are often available to provide extra support in after school study. Many students continue with study of their subjects beyond their time at school as part of their A Levels. 

History and Geography are popular choices for student options at the end of Key Stage 3.  History in particular is consistently the most popular option subject for students with between 60% and 70% take up.  Students are taught a total of 5 x 60 minute lessons over a two week timetable.