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Changes to the School Uniform

I would like to thank all of our parents who responded to our online survey regarding proposed changes to the school uniform, as well as those who attended the Parent Forum.

The consultation period has now closed and the main changes are set out below. In summary, the main changes to the Uniform Policy from September 2022 are that:

  • There will be greater choice in where uniform can be purchased 
  • We will introduce a new online uniform retailer alongside Coes
  • All students will be required to wear black trousers. There will be a transition period running until 31st December 2022 during which students will be able to continue to wear a skirt that meets the requirements of the 2021 Uniform Policy.

Yours sincerely

Dan Woodcock



A new uniform policy will be published on the school website shortly. In the meantime, if you are purchasing new uniform, you should buy your child black trousers as outlined below:

  • Formal black trousers, similar to the approved style offered by Coes. Trousers should not be in the style of jeans with studded pockets, nor should they be tapered or close fitting. Leggings are not permitted. 
  • A Quick Guide to the EBHS uniform can be found here.
  • We have also published an FAQ  document which can be found here.

We hope that the greater flexibility in where uniform can be purchased, the reduction in the number of branded items, and the addition of an online retailer will help to reduce the cost of uniform for parents during these financially difficult times.   If you have any further questions, please email: enquiries@ebhigh.org.uk

Casual Clothing/Footwear

Training shoes, boots, canvas shoes, corduroy trousers, denims or similar casual clothes should not be worn for school. Trouser belts should be black or brown, and should not have an excessively large buckle. Specific information on school shoes can be found here.

On matters of School Uniform, the Headteacher’s decision is final.


Sports Clothing for PE lessons for boys and girls

PE Uniform. Branded Items (must be purchased from Coes):

  •  Navy blue and white polo shirt (available from Coes).

Unbranded Items (essential items that can be purchased from Coes or any high street retailer):

  • Navy blue & white rugby shirt (reversible)
  • Navy blue & white shorts 
  • Navy blue football socks.
  • White trainer socks (for Summer term).
  • Non-marking trainers are required for indoor use.
  • Football boots are needed for outdoor use, including the playing fields and the 3G football pitch. Any stud type is permitted firm ground or soft ground. 
  • Trainers with multiple pimple studs are not permitted on the 3G.

Optional Items

  • Navy blue & white skort (available from Coes).
  • A dark coloured tracksuit may be worn for activities in winter (not compulsory, but available from Coes).
  • Mid layer (not compulsory, but available from Coes)
  • Sports goggles/contact lenses are to replace glasses if a student’s vision is too poor to safely take part in physical activity.

A towel is necessary for showers. Students should not be using their school shoes for PE. Fashion sports shoes are not appropriate for PE either.


Personal Possessions

Large sums of money and valuable items should not be brought to School. Students are responsible for looking after their own belongings. The School does not insure personal property.

Pre-Owned Uniform

The School Association runs a second hand uniform shop, they can be contacted on pta@ebhigh.org.uk in relation to any queries for either donations or purchases.