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East Bergholt High School

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Vision & Values

Core purpose:

Our young people have only one chance at their education. We have to make it count!


Aspiring to be our best

Core values:

Be kind;

Be positive;

Be the best you can be.


At EBHS, we will inspire every student, regardless of background or need, to be the best they can be. We want all of our students to make outstanding academic progress, and to develop the strength of character to be happy and successful in their lives. Our students will be well equipped to flourish in an ever-changing world, and be well prepared for the jobs of the future. Conducting themselves with kindness and positivity, they will be able to make a difference as truly global citizens.

At EBHS, we will create and inclusive community, where:

  • Everyone is safe, there is a strong focus on emotional wellbeing, and everyone is aware of their rights and responsibilities
  • Everyone is committed to continual self-improvement and lifelong learning
  • Diversity is celebrated and its benefits embraced

Underpinning our vision will be a world class curriculum that is tailored to students’ individual needs and supported by the very best resources. Working together with our partner schools in our trust, we will recruit, retain and train the very best staff, achieving excellence through collaboration.