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“At its best, theatre brings things – people, stories, places – to life. There will never be a time when that isn’t important.”

Lauren Mooney

Drama and theatre are unique in their position as the physical, psychological and emotional expression of ourselves and what it means to occupy a space in the world. At its best, Drama enables us to find our voices, shape them, and use them to make ourselves heard, both literally and figuratively. By experiencing events and people in the physical expression of a narrative, we are better able to understand ourselves and each other.

It is through the exploration of Drama - an art form that emerges from the very beginnings of human experience and our evolutionary need to form narratives to understand the world - that we are equipped with the means to better express ourselves, through the prism of great dramatic literature, of characters and stories that are conceived in our own and others’ lived experiences and imaginations.

Drama offers the potential for liberating us through creativity, married with the unconditional expectation of self-discipline, adherence to which fosters within us invaluable skills and attributes for life. A comprehensive and vigorous exploration of, and committed involvement in Drama furnishes participants with the confidence to communicate effectively, persuasively and with a sense of purpose in a variety of contexts; the ability to work collaboratively, cooperatively with others to achieve shared goals; to be able to present oneself with a sense of self-worth and clarity. Experience of Drama can cultivate an appreciation of our shared cultures, their modes of expression and history.  Active engagement with the performing arts allows us to recognise ourselves in the characters, stories and worlds played out before us, and to feel that the Arts are for all of us, as both audience and practitioner.

The Drama Long Term Plan is available here

All Yr7 Medium Term Plans can be found below:

 All Yr8 Medium Term Plans can be found below:

All Yr9 Medium Term Plans can be found below:


Ms A. Aylett Leader of Drama.

Mrs B. Baldwin Teacher of Drama

Mr S. Mallard Teacher of Drama


 EBHS Students take part in "The Personal History of David Copperfield"David Copperfield


Further information on KS4

GCSE Drama course provides students with opportunities to develop and apply their creative and intellectual understanding of Drama and Theatre. Students are given the opportunity to explore Drama and Theatre as actors, designers and directors, building a wide range of key skills throughout their study. Through practical work students will be investigating the work of playwrights and theatre practitioners as well as creating their own work for performance.

Students are assessed on the creation and development of ideas to communicate meaning for theatrical performance; the application of theatrical skills to realise artistic intentions in live performance; the demonstration of knowledge and understanding of how drama and theatre is developed and performed and the analysis and evaluation of their own work and the work of others. 

Students will be given opportunities to attend live theatre performances, live-streamed or recorded live performances over the two years of the course.  It is essential that they watch at least one piece of live theatre.

Assessment is both written and practical.  Component 1 is assessed through a written portfolio, a written evaluation and a devised performance; Component 2 is assessed through performance from a text.  Component 3 is a written exam that assesses the students’ work on a set text and reviewing a live performance.

Beginning in 2023, the set text studied is 'The IT' by Vivienne Franzen.

The link to the KS4 specification can be found here

 David Copperfield

Homework in Drama

Opportunities to develop and consolidate learning in Drama outside lessons are available in several forms.  Extra-curricular Drama club after school allows students to work creatively with others developing performance skills and creating theatre; Google Classrooms are regularly updated with information about our local cultural offer to make sure students are informed of productions and performances that they may wish to see, workshops and theatre groups in which they may wish to get involved.  Whole school productions take place every other year, with smaller scale shows, informal performances and workshops are staged across the school year. 

More conventional homework in Drama is likely to take the form of a practical or research activity in preparation for a subsequent lesson.  This will not be set on a weekly basis.


Further information on Drama

Eduqas student support:


BBC Bitesize for revision:


Theatre Company websites for live theatre, resources and opportunities:









Drama Online for recorded live theatre productions from the National Theatre Collections 1 and 2:

Username:  CNCABG

Password:  WRBQN