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Revision Materials

Below you will find the  revision timetable for our year 11 students.

class of 2023 support.pdf


The Year 11 revision resouce booklet can be found here.

If you have any subject specific questions, please contact your son/daughter's class teacher in the first instance. You may also want to contact the Head of Faculty for each subject. You can do this by emailing enquiries@ebhigh.org.uk and including the department you would like to contact in the subject heading.

KayScience Revision Resources:

Biology Combined

Biology Separate

Chemistry Separate

Maths Foundation & Higher

Maths Higher Only

Physics Combined

Physics Separate

Tuition Scheme of Work


Links to past papers and revision websites can be found below.


Preparing for your Maths Exam

Revision sites:

My Maths UK
Maths Net GCSE
Mr Barton Maths
S-cool revision
Hegarty Maths
Just Maths
Pixel Maths App
Diagnostic Questions
Corbett Maths
Maths Genie


Revision sites:
Mr Bruff
GCSE Bitesize - English & English Literature



Link to past papers


Link to past papers


Link to past papers

Link to Doc brown revision site



Link to past papers for GCSE History


Philosophy & Ethics



Revision links:



BBC Bitesize - GCSE Geography - AQA 

We do not cover the following topics:

  • Rivers
  • Hot deserts
  • Food 
  • Energy



GCSE Cambridge Computing revision material

GCSE revision worksheets


Business Studies

GCSE Business Bitesize  ( Finance only)




BBC Bite size



Past papers are not available online, refer to revision materials and past papers given out in lessons.